How to Utilize Social Media When Planning An Event

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 6.53.14 PMTo put it in simply, event planning is the process of managing a project. This could range anywhere from a small or large party, wedding, convention, ceremony, festival, meeting, launch party for a new product or even the grand opening of a new store. Whenever people get together for a reason, there needs to be someone there to supervise and direct all the details to guarantee the event actually happens and that it is successful.

When it comes to planning an event, getting the word out to the correct audience can be challenging. When we were younger, our parents would help us make invite cards to send out to all our friends. Simple right? Well, add about 100 to 300 to even 400 more guests to your list of friends and think about handwriting that many invite cards. No. Way.

Thankfully, social media is here to save the day (and our hands from cramping). Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential tools that can be used in the process of planning an event.

Social media is a great addition to your event strategy and should be considered as soon as your begin planning and organizing your event. When the brainstorming begins to take course, social media is useful for sharing your enthusiasm with followers and friends. Throw your ideas out there by posting a status on Facebook or Twitter and see what people have to say. This can help you rule out weak ideas and see if they would even be interested in attending your event.

Need some ideas or advice from outside sources? Social media can help with that too. Utilize different social media platforms to post online surveys concerning preferences on date, time, location and food options. The idea is to build buzz around the gathering you are planning.

According to, Facebook has more than 1 billion users, making it the largest social network in the world. Facebook is most known for helping people connect with each other, specifically family and friends. It is also a useful tool for businesses and corporations to connect with existing customers, obtain new contacts and spread news regarding new products or services. In the event planning world, it is great for getting the word out about an upcoming event that is happening.

If you have ever created an “event page” for your birthday party that is happening in a few weeks in order to get all your friends to go, then you are familiar with how useful this tool can be

Facebook has a lot to offer event organizers regarding the type of content you want to share. You can attach photos, videos, surveys and links to your event page, which will help inform your audience more about your company and the event you are hosting. You can also constantly update news about the event as your planning and preparation progresses and things move forward. By inviting people to the event, you can share the event page with your Facebook friends and beyond, which can also help you estimate how many people will be in attendance. It is also useful if things change and you need to notify attendees immediately. also states that with more than 200 million active users today, Twitter is the second largest social network. Twitter allows users to utilize its in-the-moment and instant status updates to promote themselves, events and companies. Twitter is a real-time network the lets its users to share thoughts, ideas, news and inspiring and interesting content through status updates.

If you are familiar with the ever-so-popular craze of “hashtags,” then you probably understand how useful they can be for getting a message out about an event. Hashtags are used to highlight keywords or topics floating around Twitter. So, using a hashtag at the end of your “tweet” will help you reach your niche audience. People are constantly posting about similar topics and ideas and using the same hashtags. Do your research and see what hashtags people are using in order to reach the right audience.

Social Media is just one way to promote and get the word out about your event. It can help get the ball rolling for ideas and estimating the amount of people who will be attending.


(2012). Add Social Media to Your Event Strategy: tips on how to build buzz & boost attendance. Constant Contact, 2-7.


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