Types of Events

amy_brant_featuredWhen it comes to events, there are many different types you can plan. It can range anywhere from professional events to even personal. I will break down the different types to give you a better understanding.

Celebrations: concerts and festivals, fairs, weddings, birthdays, reunions, parades, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, first communions, holiday parties and family events.

  • These type of events are usually held with close family and friends, with community members and people with similar interests (concerts and festivals).

Promotions: product launches, graduation ceremonies, fashion shows, galas, political events, conventions, incentive travel and trade fairs.

  • Promotional events are useful for informing people of new products and business partners, increasing media coverage, marketing campaigns, to honor and motivate staff and to acquire and retain new customers.

Education: meetings, conferences, networking events, press conferences, business dinners, trade shows, team building events, seminars, shareholder meetings and board meetings.

  • Educational events can be used to inform and bring together employers, prospective employers, stakeholders or to help build networks.

Commemorations: memorials, funerals and civic events.

  • These events are also usually held with close family and friends to celebrate and remember people who have passed.


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