Event Planning Dos and Don’ts

1315460As I research more and more about the world of event planning, I am discovering just how much goes into the process of planning an event. A lot can go right and a lot can go wrong. It is best to be as prepared as possible and to plan strategically. Here are some event planning dos and don’ts that I found important to consider when organizing and planning an event:

Do research your market carefully. Planning an event takes thorough research of the audience you will be hosting, as well as the theme or topic of your event. If you want your event to go accordingly and for everyone attending to enjoy the hard work you put into planning it, then taking the extra time to know your audience and know what your event is truly about is crucial.

Don’t get carried away with unnecessary and extra details. Stay on track and keep with the message or theme of your event. In order to impress your audience and feel satisfied with the outcome of your hard work, avoid those extra last minute ideas you might have because sometimes it can distract and dilute your main message and objectives. Have a plan and stick with it.

Do make a budget. Keeping a budget in mind is important because it allows you to stay on track with things you absolutely need. It is common to go over your original budget a bit because costs can easily escalate under circumstances, so detailed requirements should be organized in the early stages of planning. To avoid going way over, preparing and knowing what will be vital to your event will prevent you from the result of unnecessary costs. To avoid going over, plan ahead and scope the market for different prices.

Don’t assume anything. I repeat, do not assume someone else will handle that “thing” you meant to get to but never did or that someone else will pick up the slack. Always be on top of your work and your progress. Assuming anything when planning an event is just recipe for disaster. Event planners cannot take the risk of assuming anything because it leads to being unorganized and unprepared. The best road to take is the always-be-on-top-of-your-game route. This route prepares you to never assume things will get done without you actually double-checking that it’s getting done.

Do secure the support of your work colleagues or anything interested in assisting you in the event planning process. Event planning and implementation can be limiting on resources. Having people set up beforehand to contribute throughout the process, who has a distinct job or who are there to help where is it needed will help things run smoothly.

Don’t put things off until the last minute. Procrastination is a natural thing (you’re looking at the queen of procrastination right here) and sometimes it can be inevitable due to what life throws at you. However, when it comes to planning an event, try your best to avoid procrastinating and leaving crucial things until the end because those last minute details could make or break your event and have highly impact the outcome.

Do maximize the event on all levels. Take advantage of sales, marketing, product development research, data collection and staff motivation and incentives. Make sure every thing and everyone involved in the process has a purpose.

And lastly, don’t forget to have fun and relax! It can be a stressful process, but just remember the end result and keep a positive attitude as best you can.


Powell, P. (2013). Dos and Don’ts when holding your own event or exhibit. The Marketing Donut.


Retrieved from http://www.keepcalmandposters.com


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