Am I Fit to Be An Event Planner?

Picture_StrategyPlannerIf you’ve been following my blog, you’ve hopefully sparked an interest in PR and event planning by now. Therefore, I’m assuming you’ve asked yourself at some point, “Am I fit to be an event planner? Do I have what it takes?” These are valid questions to be asking yourself because being an event planner takes a specific type of person. Experience in the industry does help qualify you for this type of career, however, the ability to problem-solve and think things through logically takes priority.

There are natural personality traits and professional skills that just can’t be taught, which are necessary in order to qualify as a great event planner.

It is crucial that you realize whether or not you posses the proper personality traits, interests, habits and abilities when deciding if event planning is the right career for you.

You should be a natural at organizing. You may even want to be an insanely and overly organized person. This trait is by far one of the most important to posses due to the hectic and busy lifestyle of an event planner. This means you are a person who is used to making to-do lists, having a fully filled-out daily planner consisting of every aspect of your life and keeping your life and things within it in an orderly fashion. Event planning is a high-paced, active environment, so you must always be on top of your game.

You should be an expert multi-tasker. This means being able to juggle many different things at once and not becoming majorly overwhelmed (we all know feeling overwhelmed happens though). Being an event planning means you are expected to manage a number of different projects and even people at the same time. Your mind must be able to “switch gears” at any given time without notice because this is the norm for event planners.

You must have great time management skills. This goes directly with having great multi-tasking skills. Event planning is about creating, meeting deadlines, being creative and managing your time.

Be a problem-solver. When it comes to event planning, things are more than likely not going to go as planned. A lot of things can go wrong during the process (occasionally, a lot can go right): people not holding up to their responsibilities, not being able to find the perfect venue, low budget costs, etc., so you must be able to take a step back, remain calm and be able to work through the problem in an efficient and proper manner. There is nothing worse than adding fuel to the flame, so being able to think logically and economically is crucial. Freaking out will get you nowhere in this type of career.

Be the creative type. Are you able to come up with concepts and ideas that impress your clients? Can you think outside the box? This can be hard for a lot of people, so being able to be diverse, creative and competitive with your ideas is important to posses.

You are a “people person.” This type of industry is about building valuable relationships with people, especially your clients. From the people you work with and the hundreds or thousands of guests that attend your events, it’s all about building relationships, so you can work together efficiently in order to reach a common goal, which is a fantastic event!

You should be customer service oriented. Some people perceive event planning as the type of career where all you do is wine, dine and relax at awesome parties. This is false. It’s all about the clients and guest who are attending the event, it’s not about luxuries for you. When it comes to event planning, you must do whatever it takes to get the job done. This means helping in areas that may not be assigned to you originally and assisting to client needs. Having patience is key.

You should posses exceptional speaking and writing skills. A large portion of this type of career is communication, writing and building relationships with people. You must be able to communicate you thoughts, ideas and opinions in a clear and concise way both verbally and on paper.

Be great at keeping a budget. Planning an event can get pretty costly. It is important that you are able to utilize as much as you can out of the budget that you have. Going over budget can mess a lot of things up, so being able to crunch number and stay on track with your budget is something you should know how to be prior to becoming an event planner.

These are just a few of the personality traits that I think make you qualified for being a great event planner. As I have stressed before, this is a very fast moving environment and can get hectic a lot of the time. So, naturally possessing the skills above is crucial to consider when figuring out whether you’re a good fit for the event planning industry or not.


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