About Kelsey Gallagher

kI am an aspiring public relations professional interested in event planning and helping others. Currently, I am majoring in public relations and minoring in media studies at the University of Oregon. I am a campus ambassador for Chegg; I help plan and create events on campus in order to inform and encourage students to utilize Chegg’s various platforms, such as their textbook rentals, homework help, tutoring, scholarships and job search. I also create content for their social media page and blog. Over the summer of 2014, I spent 12 weeks working as an account executive for Campus Special, selling advertising to local businesses in my college town. By initiating and solidifying client relationships, I was able to generate more than $10,000 in revenue. I am most passionate when I am able to think creatively through photography, writing, planning and organizing.

Growing up in a small town outside San Francisco, I fell in love with nature and the need to explore. I never imagined I would leave California and move more than 400 miles away from my friends and family, let alone attend two schools in Oregon notorious for being each other’s biggest rival. With an itch for adventure and new outdoor environment, I knew I belonged somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

I began studying nutrition at Oregon State University before discovering my passion for people, writing, creating and photography. Without much thought, I followed my instincts and transferred to the University of Oregon to pursue my education. Public relations allows me to express myself creatively and help others achieve a goal.

Outside of school, you can find me enjoying a view on top of a mountain, running a dirt trail, playing soccer or eating burritos with my friends.


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