Blog Introduction

Have you ever wondered what role public relations plays in the world of event planning?

Now, you’re saying to yourself, “event planning… that’s like, for weddings, right?”

Well, you’re not alone. I have asked myself the same thing. I’m here to explore the topics of PR and event planning.

To put it in simply, event planning is the process of managing a project. This could range anywhere from a small or large party, wedding, convention, ceremony, festival, meeting or even the grand opening of a new store. Whenever people get together for a reason, there needs to be someone there to supervise and direct all the details to guarantee the event actually happens and that it is successful.

I want to give you a new perspective on event planning and educate you on how it has evolved into the world of PR. I will do this by exploring the process of planning, organizing, designing and creating an event as a PR professional. More specifically, how press releases, social media and marketing are incorporated and influence the process as a whole.

Welcome to my blog!



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